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Autumn Flavors

In Florida we don’t really have a change of season.  Sure it get slightly cooler, and the humidity drops, but nothing significant enough to make it really feel like fall.  Being a northern girl, I miss all things autumn; hayrides, apple picking, pumpkins, sweaters and the amazing colors.  So I am creating my own “fall” with my cooking.  The kids and I have visited a few pumpkin festivals and pick-your-own farms and have gathered some fresh ingredients.  I have made and canned some applesauce, pickled green beans and sweet potato butter.  Today I made a delicious applesauce cream cheese bread, finished a pumpkin raisin bread I had proofing and experimented with some bagels, my favorites being my pumpkin pie and apple cinnamon versions.  I think tomorrow I’ll work on some Butternut Squash soup! We may not be able to experience true fall, but we can eat like it!  I’ll post recipes and give more detail tomorrow. 

Amazing applesauce cream cheese bread

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