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Sunday Anecdote

This is a totally non food related post and  I can do that because this is my space so there!  Ok, now on to the mature part of the post.  So I was sitting with thing one the other day.  She crawled onto my lap and was looking at me funny.  (She’s 4, and has yet to acquire that self censoring thing that stops us when we are going to say something offensive or insulting, so you know when she is looking at you a certain way, to brace yourself for some brutal honesty.)  Then she says, “Mom, you have a little hair on your lip, are you growing a moosestache?” I explained to her that no, in fact I was not growing a moustache, and tried to explain about hormones, pregnancy ,age blah blah blah..ultimately that sometimes hair grows where we don’t want it so we shave or wax it away.  Her response was “You should go shave it off, it’s creepy “.  Of course I promptly went and remedied the problem.  I agree though moustaches are kind of creepy …unless your Burt Reynolds or Tom Sellek.

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