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An apron a day, keeps the rest of my housework away (for now)

Wow, no posts for days, now two in the same one!  Don’t get spoiled, this won’t happen often.  So I mentioned some apron sewing projects.  Here is the first!  I started small scale, using thing one as my guinea pig.  She loves frills and girly things, so I churned out this little pink number just for her. 

Its a basic bib apron, with a gathered skirt (Simplicity pattern # 2319) . The fabric was a steal, I even got enough to make a mommy version down the line.  

I think next is a long number it some beautiful toile.  Almost turn of the century-ish.  Reminiscent of this
For now its time for some tea, and my comfy couch, its been a long few hours in front of the sewing machine!

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