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Nut Butters

If your vegan (like me), raw all or part of the time ( again, like me) or just plain lazy ( very, very much like me) you know that nut butters are a great simple way to get a major nutrient/protein punch without having to cook.  But, have you ever thought about making your own nut butters? It really couldn’t be easier, and if you eat raw, it’s pretty much the way to go unless you have the ultimate natural foods market where you live.
I don’t, so I make my own raw nut butters.  Sometimes a single nut, sometimes I get crazy and mix 2 kinds together.

I am not even gonna bother with a regular recipe format because its that easy!  Dump 2 cups of your favorite RAW (not roasted, salted or messed with in anyway) nut into a food processor and let it rip for 12, yeah you read that right, 12 minutes.  It is going to look like this at first :

Then its it going to get lumpy, don’t worry, just keep scraping down the sides of the food bowl.  Then its going to form into a ball and make you think you have done something wrong, again, don’t worry.  A few more minutes the nuts will release all their oil and it will smooth out and look just right.

Remember, nuts butter has oil, oil goes rancid… refrigerate that sucker.

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