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Guess who’s back…

Hi.  Several things, first of all if you feel abandoned, you should… I’m awful at commitment.  Second you see that the blog as gotten a new look, its a “less is more” approach… or a “I got bored with the old look” approach, ill let you judge.  Third, the blog hit its first birthday!  I may not post often, but I hit 52 posts in 52 weeks, so that has to count for something!!  Fourth and last, its October in Florida, so its just now getting cool enough to do anything outside, so we are doing it up hard this weekend.  This is the first in a 3 part series of this weekend of madness.  The Things and I took in a high school football game with some friends tonight.  It was the bees knees.  Thing One didn’t even notice there was a game going on because she was too busy chatting up all the kids and learning the cheers, and Thing Two has found his sport (which scares the you know what out of me) I tried to sway him by talking up the marching band, but he wasn’t buying it.  So 3 hours, tons of popcorn and 1 sore ass (mine) later…we are home, they are crashed and we are ready for the next adventure.

Stay Classy Blogosphere…

Lets go mom!!
I swear I fed them before we left, but when popcorn is involved,
they grow a second stomach.
Go Indians! Action shots with a crappy camera may induce seizures…
U.G.L.Y you aint got no alibi your ugly…yeah yeah your ugly WHOOOO!
They didn’t really say that but it would have been funny if they did!

P.S. aint isn’t recognized by my spell check, so as an alternative its asking me to use “Taint” … and being the sicko I am my mind goes directly to the dirty meaning, and I am both shocked and confused that my computer would suggest such a nasty thing.  It gets me, it really does.

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