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What I can’t say.

I want to say I’m doing well

I want to say I’m handling it.

I want to say it’s been an overwhelming joy to be home with my family.

I want to say it’s made us closer.

I want to say that while it’s had it’s moments, it’s been mostly ok.

I can’t say any of those things though. Not while keeping honesty in my heart.

It’s been really hard. It’s been mostly me trying to keep my head above water, homeschooling, mothering, cooking, cleaning, crying at night.

It’s been mostly screen time and separation, older kids in their own worlds and me battling a bored toddler.

It’s been great intentions in the morning, and complete exhaustion by the evening.

So no, I’m not doing well. We are not closer, or stronger, or more of a cohesive unit.

But that’s ok. Life isn’t always about thriving in the face of dark times, sometimes it’s just getting through them.

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