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For our kids.

Telling her she looks just like me while feeding her the lie that a body like mine is disgusting and should be hidden, dooms her to a life of shame, dieting and never feeling worth.

My fat body created her. My fat body grew her, fed her, nurtured her. From her beginnings, my body was her vessel. It’s only ever shown her love. She never saw weight until it was shoved in her face.

We groom kids, ALL KIDS, to be afraid of what their bodies are, and will become.

We’ve shown them cookie cutter bodies and given them face slimming filters.

What about teaching our children the value of a persons being and not the measure of their jeans. That their bodies will change. That they can choose to change their bodies. That however their bodies changes, by choice or by life, their value and worth does not.

I want her to know her value is in her actions, not her body size. And that my body isn’t her future, and even if it was, it’s beautiful and amazing and made my best friend.

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