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Shadow or Glow.

You know those moments in life when you have to make emotional flight or fight choices?

The really uncomfortable ones that mean being in the memory living in our bodies or being just outside of the memory, hiding our bodies. There, but not really there.

We have learned to be so anxious about those choices. We fear them long before we are even faced with them. They are in the back of our minds, looming.

I spent so much of my life on edge about those choices. How would I explain that I “just don’t like the beach”. Or I “forgot my bathing suit”. Mulling over my excuses long before the beach day or pool party. I had my list of “no’s” prepared, pre planned.

We can continue to choose the flight response, and be a shadow in our memories. Or we can fight, and be a glow.

Flight or fight.

Shadow or glow.

That choice, is yours.

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