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My biggest insecurity.

Ok, I’m giving it to you. My ultimate insecurity. More than my body ever was, more than hair on my chin.

I’m shaking at the idea of posting this. These words won’t be poetic, but they will be real.

I have been losing my hair since my 20’s. For years I’ve watched as clumps swirl and clog my shower drain.

I’ve used every possible treatment, cover up, spray… it’s my PCOS.

It’s also not reversible. I can and do use products to thicken the hair I have, and oil (my favorite is from Om Body and Soul) to help keep it healthy and it has helped reduce the amount I lose. But it’s not coming back.

I look in the mirror and see peace with so many other things I used to hate, but I can’t make peace with my hair loss.

I look back on pictures of my younger self, and the volume of hair I had, and I weep. I mourn for what I once had. I’m allowed that, I know.

I could write pages on how my hair makes me feel, but I won’t.

I’m just going to share, be vulnerable, release, and keep going.

And I will always keep going, even if I’m doing it bald.

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