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Dear Body,

I will not be sad about the way that you look, the scars that you bear or the marks you’ve grown. ⁣

I will not be sad that you don’t look like her, or them or that. ⁣

I will not put pressure on you to perform in in a way that feels forced, foreign or painful. ⁣

I will not expect the impossible, the unattainable the out of reach- because it doesn’t exist. ⁣

I will be sad for how I’ve mistreated you, for the actions and inactions that have weakend your health or made you feel less than. ⁣

I will do better, and make the wrongs into rights by listening to your pleas, by giving back, by nurturing you.⁣

I will compare you not to the bodies of others, not to the impossible standards, to the photoshopped and face tuned perfection that isn’t real. ⁣

I will heal you with love, fuel, care and most of all understanding and grace and time. ⁣

Lots of time. Because that’s all we have, you and I. Time together. Time to be complete and completely in love. ⁣

Words from a post I made on Instagram in January 2020, I still feel this way.

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