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True happiness?

I know the first and quick answer is yes, of course.

If you stop and think about all the things that create true happiness the ideal body isn’t one of them.

At least it’s not on my list, not anymore.

⭐️ A happy and healthy family.

⭐️ A life spent dreaming big and reaching goals.

⭐️ Laughing until my sides ache.

⭐️ Pizza with light sauce, and just the right amount of cheese and crust.

⭐️ Going to bed at the end of the day knowing I made someone feel good about themselves.

So while the quick and surface answer is yes, the deep and thought through answer is a resounding no.

Also, what would I be missing out on trying to maintain that “perfect” body? The perfect pizza with my happy family? Hours spent in the gym instead of making others feel seen and showing up how I am?

I’ve tried that, it sucks. No, no thank you. I’ll take the body and mental state that show health and peace, and pizza.

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