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National Camera Day!

Hey, did you know it’s National Camera day? I didn’t even know it was a thing until today.

How many other holidays have I missed? I could have been celebrating or at least using it as an excuse not to get any work done…

Anyway, I digress. In honor of today, my now third favorite holiday (behind Halloween and Donut day, obvs) I wanted to give you a look at my camera equipment.

I am NO professional, and 90% of my best shots don’t make the Gram, and are framed in my house (all of the kids, go figure). I just absolutely love photography and have taken a few courses, enough to know the basics, and one day will have the time to learn more.

Other than my iPhone, here is what I use (clickable links to shop if you’re feeling froggy!):

Canon EOS Rebel T7 with kit lenses and Yongnuo 35mm on the body.

Canon EOS Rebel T7. This is my main self-shoot camera, mainly because of the Wifi function and ability to use my phone as a remote. The kit lenses are good, but I live in the 35mm lens, mine is base grade and takes beautiful pictures.

Nikon D3200 with kit lens and 50mm lens on the body.

Nikon D3200. My og DSLR. Pretty basic as far as functions, and a great starter DSLR camera. I only really use this now because of the 50mm lens, for when I want to shoot a stellar portrait or take a photo with a low aperture (shallow depth of field aka blurry background).

Giant camera bag!

My camera bag. Huge pockets, I can fit both cameras and a few lenses, I love this for when I take the kids out in the woods. I can basically take the cameras, plus snacks, phone, keys and other assorted mom stuff all in one bag. This is from Amazon.

Regetek Tripod, bought from Amazon.

Tripod. Perfect for self shooting, not a MUST, because for a long time I propped the camera up on whatever was handy it made due just fine. But, recommended especially if you have mega hand shake, like I do.

Neweer ring light and backdrop stand, sheet courtesy of my bed.

Finally, my make shift at home shooting area. Complete with ring light, backdrop frame and giant white sheet because paper would last .01 seconds in my house.

I honestly couldn’t tell you the total cost, I’ve accumulated this all over the course of several years, some new and some second hand. Get out and shoot some pictures today! You don’t really have a choice, it’s basically a law, because it’s a holiday.

Summer Learning

My youngest son, Liam, had a developmental delay. He has special tools and programs at school to help him, but I was in a state of panic as to how I was going to keep him engaged and learning through the summer.

In a wonderful stroke of luck, I got an opportunity to try the Learn With Homer app, and it’s been absolutely life changing!

It’s like no other learning program/app we’ve used before, and here are a few point that make it stand apart:

• They have a series of questions to answer when you sign up, this combines your child’s interests, age, and level to tailor a perfect learning path.

• Provides opportunities to practice the skills they have learned, and keeps them motivated to continue to learn.

• Grows with them as the learn, build skills, and succeed.

We set aside time each morning for Liam to review skills he has learned and to try new games and puzzles to build on those skills and to learn more.

In the beginning it was a routine, now it’s a highlight of the day! He will stop other activities to ask to play Homer, and how it’s helped him stay engaged and improved his speech is immeasurable.

Click here to learn more about how it can help your child, and to sign up for a 30 day free trial

Stop living for when, live for now.

So many beautiful and fleeting years spent waiting for “when I…”.

Lose weight, become happy, gain confidence, am acceptable…

Moments we can’t take back, and missed experiences we can’t re-do.

Life happens all around us, and every time we hide away, we miss it.

But not now, not anymore.

Life knows it’s beautiful and ephemeral (it’s simply a blessing to wake up earth side each day) and it won’t stay idle while we sit stuck waiting for perfection.

Now is our time, today is our day, tomorrow is never promised and other assorted quotes to inspire you to live life now 😊.

( Full disclosure: yes, this is an older picture. Move to the landlocked north right before a pandemic and subsequent quarantine, and it becomes 2 years before you dust off a bathing suit. Y’all have seen enough of my bras 😉)