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Stop living for when, live for now.

So many beautiful and fleeting years spent waiting for “when I…”.

Lose weight, become happy, gain confidence, am acceptable…

Moments we can’t take back, and missed experiences we can’t re-do.

Life happens all around us, and every time we hide away, we miss it.

But not now, not anymore.

Life knows it’s beautiful and ephemeral (it’s simply a blessing to wake up earth side each day) and it won’t stay idle while we sit stuck waiting for perfection.

Now is our time, today is our day, tomorrow is never promised and other assorted quotes to inspire you to live life now 😊.

( Full disclosure: yes, this is an older picture. Move to the landlocked north right before a pandemic and subsequent quarantine, and it becomes 2 years before you dust off a bathing suit. Y’all have seen enough of my bras 😉)

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