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Homemade Vitamin Waters

From left to right: 2 jars citrus , 2 jars white peach and mint, 2 jars watermelon and rosemary
(not pictured: Kiwi and strawberry, and cucumber melon and mint.)

So I am pretty good about my water intake.  Not on purpose though, mostly because its hotter than the Devil’s hairdryer 90% of the year in Florida, and I don’t take too kindly to the heat.  I do find that I get majorly bored with plain water after a while, and turn to the fancy shmancy flavored and “enhanced” waters on occasion, and am always floored at the price.  So I complain and gripe, then leave the store in a flight of fury forever to be known as the “crotchety old, but not old, woman..who complains about the price of water”. 
So I made my own!

I wont do a recipe format, because this is so easy, and I’m lazy today. 
So basically fill a quart size mason jar half way with any fruit combination you like.  I tend to do 2 fruit, or a fruit/herb combination.  Fill the jar with cold water, and pop in the fridge overnight (at least).  Strain out the fruit and enjoy the “fruit flavored waters” of your labor!  You can use the fruit for about 2 rounds of flavored water before it breaks down too much. 

2 thoughts on “Homemade Vitamin Waters”

  1. I run the jars thru a soap free dishwasher cycle first. I let them sit out for an hour or so after filling, than put them in the fridge. I drink them all so fast, there isnt any real chance of bacteria growing.


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