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Ok, blog vacation over…

I am sorry I have been absent. I took a much needed holiday from all things that were not directly involved in my everyday life.  Kids, work, house, life…have all been put in order and organized and I can finally breath a huge sigh of relief.  

In my hiatus, a few things have changes in my little corner of the world.  I have moved from the vegetarian path I was on to a full blown vegan lifestyle.  The changes in my body and Chi have been amazing.  So naturally, the blog has a new direction.  Occasionally you will see a butter and sugar laden treat, but I would like to share with everyone the tasty vegan food I have been whipping up lately.  Maybe the odd non food post will be thrown in there too.  Please bear with me as changes are made and feel free so e-mail me some of your favorite vegan recipes too!

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